The posting of workers, which allows a company to temporarily send its employees to work in other EU countries while continuing to pay social security contributions in the country of origin, has long been a subject of disagreement between European countries. The EU Commission presented a new proposal aimed at replacing the 1996 directive and tightening the rules surrounding the use of posted workers. As a respond to this, 11 national parliaments used their yellow cards on the proposal and our partners, trade unions and employers’ organizations are coming from these countries.

The project GuideForYou is putting focus on Enforcement Directive’s transposition and monitoring of these processes, but moreover through joint visits of employers and trade unions, short training and national panel discussion will gather partners to deep-in discussion and get familiar with revising the Directive on posting employees (1996) which supposed to ensure a better protection of posted workers by reducing inequality between posted and local workers.

DURATION: 20 months, 01/01/2018- 01/09/2019

The project puts on the agenda issues related to equality of posted workers with local employees, particularly with respect to remuneration during the posting.

Trade union organizations from Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Lithuania and employers’ organizations from Serbia Poland, Spain, and Romania will take joint action in order to support proper implementation of Enforced Directive in their countries, involve in broad-based dialogue partners with sometimes different point of views on EC proposal of PWD and provide best practice models of information and communication for posted/posted agency workers in order to prepare them for the labour market before and after they depart.


  1. Improving transnational administrative cooperation between national competent authorities and social partners in partners countries in order to detect irregularities in regard to posting of workers in metal sector, discuss the use of the IMI system and exchange best practices;
  2. Raising awareness of social partners, stakeholders and workers at national and EU level about regulatory frameworks on posting of workers and joint transnational actions
  3. undertaken by social partners
  4. Supporting posted workers and posted temporary agency workers with relevant information and guidance in order to prepare them for the labour market before and after they depart.


Result 1: Social partners and relevant national authorities agreed upon common ground and elaborated what kind of improvements can be made with respect of the monitoring of the Enforcement Directive and revising the Directive on posting employees, better information provision for posted workers and employers, reporting violations and place of collective bargaining within the existing regulatory frameworks on posting.

Result 2: Over 180 representatives of stakeholders, social partners and posted workers at national level understand posted workers policies at EU and national level and its implication for rights and obligations on companies and workers.

Result 3: Over 180 social partners and competent national stakeholders know and are able to undertake action related to monitoring of relevant Directives in line with the available sources and to provide information on conditions of employment and work for posted workers/companies. All additional open questions will be submitted for future joint activities.

Result 4: Providing user friendly, sufficient and coherent information programme for employers, posted workers and the trade unions and other stakeholders who are responsible for conducting the procedures related to posting.