1st joint visit of employers’ representatives 19-20.04.2018 in Belgrade, Serbia

Partners that were part of this meeting:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS): Serbia and Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (hosting organizations)
  • Asociación Industrial, Técnica y de Comercio – ASITECO: Spain
  • Związek Pracodawców Dolnego Śląska/Lower Silesia Association of Employers (ZPDS): Poland
  • Confederatia Patronala din Industrie, Agricultura, Constructii si Servicii din Romania/Employers’ Confederation of Industry, Agriculture, Construction and Services in Romania (CONPIROM): Romania
  • Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM): Macedonia

The meeting lasted 2 days, 19.04-20.04.2018 with 2 participants from each employer organization project partner, i total there were 13 participants and 1 Expert

The meeting was chaired by an External Expert Mr. Marek Benio, who delivered lectures and engage the participants into discussion. The Expert intended to increase the knowledge on legal and economic aspects of the posting of workers in the framework of free movement of services in the EU. Due to the fact that the participants are from both EU Member States and the Candidate countries, the seminar included information about the legal conditions of employment of the third country nationals (non EU citizens) and their posting within the EU under the so called Van Der Elst visa. Three main areas were covered: labour law, social security, taxes. On the first day of workshop (April 19) Dr Benio will talk about Posting of workers Directive 96/71, types of posting and labour law. On the second day he put the focus on the Enforcement directive and the revision. For more details please find attached in Link Documents „Belgrade report 19-20.04.2018“

2nd Joint meeting 10-11.05.2018, in Zagreb, Croatia

2nd joint visit was between trade unions from the following partner countries:

  • Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro – Lombardia: Italy
  • Samostoen Sindikat na rabotnicite od energetika, rudarstvo i industrija na R. Makedonija-Macedonia
  • Samostalni sindikat metalaca Srbije – Serbia

In this meeting could not attend the Lithuanian Unification of Metalworkers’ Trade Unions due to organizational issues.

Discussions of the meeting:

17 participants attended 2 days visit hosted by Croatian trade union aiming at face to face discussing, sharing experience about new proposals related to enforcement of Directive, and identifying irregularities with provision of the Directive including violation of workers’ rights.

In the first day, after the participants presented their organiazations, there were discussions related to the Directive of Posted workers and its implementation in each partner country. Participants pointed irregularities and different application of legislation in non-EU member states regarding the exchange of experience on salaries and labor conditions in the case of Posting in each Partner State. The EU member states have pointed out some examples of employers’ breaches of the Directive and laws and regulations complying with the Directive. In addtion, the participants also discussed the principle “For the same job, in the same workplace, the same salary“ or said differently „Equal pay for equal work“.

On the second day of the Conference, the participants discussed the content and implementation of the Agreement on the Prohibition of Double Taxation from the Point of Experience of each partner country.

International roundtable 23.10.2018 in Toledo, Spain

Transnational roundtable was held in Spain, instead of Italy for 27 representatives of all associated institutions participating in the project – employers and trade union representatives from Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Spain.

Prior to starting with discussions the partner organizations were introduced with the conclusions from the 2 previous events.

In addition, the partners discuss the identifies challenges in regard to posting. The roundtable allowed  the trade unions and employers organization to discuss face to face the problems on regard to posting from each viewpoint. For a roundtable to be successful, there was agreed that the moderator was from CGIL organiazation Mr. Clemente Elia who facilitated answers from the audience, threw in any missing advice and steered the conversation in the right direction. Mr. Vesna Mlinarić introduced the website of the project and partners threw some suggestions on how to share the website withing

In 2019 were implemented actions on national level in each partner country, such as:

  • Short national meetings:

There were held Short national meetings in each partner country which
lasted 1-day, in total there were 9 of them with total participants of 192 and
9 Experts,within the period from 11.02.2019 until 30.05.2019

  • National panel discussions

There were held Panel discussions in each partner country which lasted
1-day, in total there were 9 of them with total participants of 185 and 8
experts,within the period from 22.04.2019 until 19.07.2019

  • Press conference as final event within the project.

Serbia: The news were announced in the following link: (news tag: SPREČITI IZRABLJIVANЈE DETAŠIRANIH RADNIKA)
Croatia:Press was published in the following link:
Bulgaria: News werepublished on the following link: sindikalisti-diskutiraha-strudnichestvoto-v-pravni-razporedbi-zakomandirovkite-9603